13 September 2008

Care for Dogs invitation - to subscribe

Hello to all readers of this blog, which until recently was my main "dblog" story / information outlet.

As you may have read by now, I have been involved with Care for Dogs new website design and development. This new venture is indeed now my main "dblogging" outlet and if you visit the new site, you will realise I have also grown up a little bit in writing terms, proving that I can not only tell the world about what I feel and do but also write about volunteer work with Care for Dogs from a group perspective.

Typically, like this blog(Ally's Caring for Dogs Diary) I try to publish at least 1 post a day or at least every other day, depending upon the material available.

So, rather than leave this blog and the subscribed readers in limbo, wondering if there will be (yet another) hiatus in writing, I am openly inviting you to click off over to the Care for Dogs site and catch up with my writing there.

If you are receiving this in your email because you are one of the 150+ subscribers to this blog - google group, then please note that I am going to be cheeky and presumptuous by inviting you directly from Care for Dogs, to join their mailing list which I administer too.

Your email address will remain confidential between you and me and you are welcome to unsubscribe at any time without causing any offense.

**Please be on the lookout for an email arriving shortly in your in-box from Feedblitz mailing on behalf of Care for Dogs**