30 November 2006

2 trips today, 24 to the vet

First trip I took along a poodle ( village dog) called TukDik, Mimi, Nina, 2 cats for sterilsation.

I also took Maew, the village leaders cat who had not eaten for 2 days, and vomitted today. Transpired that Maew had a lead pellet in her body that had peirced her intestine 4 times. The vet said it was the first time he had ever done an operation like this, cutting out a section of the intestine & joining up the new ends.

Second trip, took along Coffee with a dew claw problem, Noi for hair loss ?? Mange? & Ya. The tumour is now showing outside of her vulva again. Vet said he would sterilise today and try to pull, what he termed was a prolapse, back in. Unfortunately after the operation, he said he was unsuccessful as her vulva muscles were so weak from the extensive TvT, that when ever he pulled it in, it just popped out again.

(About 4 weeks later, it fianlly went back in of its own accord!)

Also picked up Kaew and a bundle of 6 coughing & sneezing puppies. Turned out these had Distemper and after the diagnosis, I returned them to the village lady who found them and said that we could under no circumstances take them to the shelter for fear of the disease spreading.

Also on this trip I had Nugent & 7 babies who were all suffering with a rash and loss of hair. Turned out that all were suffering from Tick & Flea allergy.A good shower now & again along with some flea & tick treatment would improve their condition

28 November 2006

Money is tight

TvT treatment for each dog per injection costs on average, 380 baht. This gets expensive when you consider the dog will need about 7 injections.

So today I am at a vets practice who has agreed to use Vincristine (Chemotherapy) that we have purchased and only charge us 100 baht each for the services of him injecting it.

The nights are getting cool now, the sun is down by 6pm and today Royla Flora is very busy, so the journey back & forth takes twice as long.

Jack & Chok are with me and they are quite happy for their excursion from the shelter.

23 November 2006

Gina, Lady & Pat return home

After a tragic ordeal at the shelter, both mothers losing all their babies (except for 1 Molly), today Gina, Lady and Pat return to Doi Kam to join the rest of their family and pack.

It was a very rewarding time and the reunion was quite emotional for everyone.

All the pack came to meet the 3 and rubbed noses, bowed in a display of affection and they ran to cover the entire area, demonstrating how much they missed their freedom.

Tested out a new vet

When money is tight and you need to spend it wisely, one tends to think of alternatives and options.

Today Karin, Lyn (Thai speaking volunteer) and I visted a new vet that Lyn had contacted. Oh dear, this is not a good idea. Not only was the whole charade difficult to understand because of the different way this vet worked but it was hard not to prompt them as we had Linda with us and knew already what was really wrong. Still, it was worth doing just for the confirmation that we were with other vets that were better in their approach to both animal & human and operating in the current century.

16 November 2006

Kennel Cough final stages

Took Bubi, Lulu, Baan & Phuky along to see the vet for a test of the cough. They stand on the table, he tickles their throat, they cough or not, he nods. The vet also magically listens to their lungs and decides on the severity, sometimes I feel by looking at the 3rd ceiling tile from the left above the door.

This is such an effort, getting 4 dogs into cages, loading them on the truck, driving 20 kilometres and doing the simplest of thing at the end of it. Wouldn't it be great if we had our own vet at the shelter or we had resources & facilities to do the test, get the result and medicate appropriately without stressing the dogs more and spending money on fuel.

I am moaning for the first time in this diary but feel I need to say the obvious. But having said that, if the vet diagnosed a change to the condition of their lungs, better or worse, its all been worth it.

Anyway, Lulu also needs a scrape around her eye as she is losing hair. Dermodec Mange! Her immunity has been reduced by the Kennel Cough and now this raises its head. Lulu, say thanks to your mother for this one!

10 November 2006

BuunLai won't stop bleeding

BuunLai now has a lump growing on the top of his back and his skin is so brittle that he keeps bleeding. Took him to the vet today and they suggested it be removed today and tested.

Ya gets her 7th TvT Jab today and it seems her external tumour has reduced as much as it ever will, just a little redness around her vulva. Vet said to check in 1 month and then arrange for her to be sterilised.

Mira gets her monthly Xray and shows that her lungs are looking ok. Vet said we need only xray every 6 months now, unless her condition was noticably worse. Looking at her now, she is finally putting on weight and growing up.

7 November 2006

Check up for NuDee

NuDee has a check up today for his TvT. Although Winifred paid for a course of 6, he actually needs another shot today. Bless him, he had it real bad. Gave us the opportunity to give his ears another going over and get some food into him.

So no need to bring him back next week, thats it for NuDee, the vet says he is clear of the tumur.