25 September 2007

Paul - Update

Gill & I visited volunteer Sarah's home where we met up with Paul who has been given reprieve from the pressure at the shelter.

I say "pressure" as he would get picked on by other mobile dogs and boys being boys, he would get into everything and that didn't bode well for his dragging limbs, wound sores being scrapped on stone and exacerbated. He would be kept separately & quietly as much as possible but sometimes he would just be in the middle of a fight and could not escape.

We found him in the bushes, keeping cool and a little hesitant at first. Sarahs home will provide him with a quiet refuge and somewhere to rest up, without fear of attack or deprivation of food.

After a few cuddles from Gill, he soon relaxed and settled with the attention from a couple of other guests we had along, a couple of NZ vets on their holidays here. One of them an orthopedic specialist, gave Paul a work over and suggested that all is not lost and that with care and proper physio, he might just be able to use 1 if not both of his back legs.

Gill immediately pledged to attend Paul as much as possible, giving his limbs necessary exercise and massage, to encourage muscle development. Worryingly, Sarah suggested that she would observe his development over the next 2 weeks and if there was no improvement, Cfd would need to reconsider his future. - Did I say no pressure here?

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