8 July 2008

That's better - I needed a break

It's been 7 months since I have posted to this blog but I can assure you that I am far from finished in my en devours to make a difference to dogs and help Care for Dogs become more widely known, for the tremendous work they have done for 2 years now & will continue to do so into the brighter future.

I say brighter, as after a few visits recently to the shelter in Hang Dong, the atmosphere is one of hope, direction and positive improvement. The residents (in the region of 80) are well cared for in the newly developed and refurbished areas, with an amazingly practical entrance area in place too.

Most of the faces I saw at the shelter last year have now moved on but there were just a couple of familiar grinning muzzles to be found. ET was there, along with Emma & Kachou Daeng, Sonja, Nak, Paul, to name but a few.

Sadly, Sonja & Nak are back in the shelter only quite recently, due to evidence of ill treatment at Wat Doi Kam, with Nak being slashed with a machete and her brother Nik disappearing.

There are a lot of sad stories arising in the intervening months that may never be told but many, many more happy tales, that create that balance of caring for animals living on the edge of society, who are often at risk of harm but somehow manage to survive. The reward from the stories of those who are rescued by Care for Dogs and find new life and new homes with love and friendship make it all worthwhile.

Having blogged here for the year I was previously active with Care for Dogs, I seem to have found a medium in which I can help the Cfd team announce to the world their achievements, share their grief with like hearted souls and bring the world to the shelter through regular personal updates. Unbeknown to me, as I was not active with Cfd at the time, the team recently decided to pursue the idea of revamping the website ( www.carefordogs.org ) and secondly, consider the regular publication across the internet of a "Newsletter". All brilliant stuff but who would have the time to do it? Enter Ally! Well... how could I resist the opportunity.

So, the reason for this post to the allycfd.blog is to say that "I AM BACK!", feels like I never really left. I will be working with Karin & the growing team of volunteers to bring you a new view of CareforDogs.org and try if I can to put a newsletter together and maybe if you are reading this then you may wish to join that mailing list (available soon) through the new site.

The new site - It will have blog inputs from the whole team, along with the usual pages of information, so the view the world can see of Cfd will be lively & dynamic. When it is up & running I will let you know through this circulation listing.

Regarding the listing you are subscribed to here, if you are content with receiving occasional email about my diary then you need to do nothing. If you wish to unsubscribe, then please respond accordingly.

Great to be writing again and I hope readers of this post are keeping happy and healthy.


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Karin Hawelka said...

Ally, I'm so glad you're back @ Care for Dogs!