14 August 2008

Can you help to sponsor Tim's tumor treatment ?


This is Tim upon arriving at the Care for Dogs shelter. Tim is not a Bull Terrier with a bit a deformed nose. He’s a lovely normal Thai dog, who had a perfectly normal nose, until he developed a TvT tumor (Transmissible Venereal Tumor) about 2 years ago.

His original Thai name is “Tingk” which means “Dumped”. He lives in an area behind the shopping centre Big C and the people there called him “Tingk” because his owner had left him behind – and like so many dogs he ended up living on the street. We thought no living being should have the name “Dumped” and therefore changed his name to “Tim”.

Neighbors fed Tim, but nobody took him to the vet to have his growing nose tumor checked. Blood dripped out of his nose and Tim had more and more difficulties to breathe. Finally the neighbors called us and so we picked up Tim and brought him to the shelter.

Luckily, TvT is the only tumor that has a 100% cure rate, if treated. As the tumor is transferred by mating (and licking, dripping, sniffing etc), it spreads easily, and we regularly pick up dogs with this condition.

On average we have approx. 4-5 dogs for TvT-treatment at our shelter, at the moment we are on a new high of 8 dogs. Once a week all these dogs get their chemotherapy injection from our vet, during a period of 4 – 8 weeks. It is amazing to see how the tumors shrink every week. Next time we’ll show you how much Tims tumor has already started to shrink. His breathing has become easier and we are confident in a few weeks the treatment will be finished.

DiagnosisTreatmentDurationWeekly CostTotal Costs
-Full time boarding (Feeding, rent, maintenance of shelter, vacc. etc.)Until Adoption200 Baht per week800 Baht per month
TvT-tumorWeekly chemotherapy injections with Vincristine6 - 8 weeks-1,500 Baht

Would you like to sponsor Tims stay and treatment? You could either visit the donations page on this site or contact us directly for more information. If you are interested in adopting Tim after his recovery, please also get in touch with us and in any case, follow his progress on the website - www.carefordogs.org

These photos were taken 11 July 2008.

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