30 November 2006

2 trips today, 24 to the vet

First trip I took along a poodle ( village dog) called TukDik, Mimi, Nina, 2 cats for sterilsation.

I also took Maew, the village leaders cat who had not eaten for 2 days, and vomitted today. Transpired that Maew had a lead pellet in her body that had peirced her intestine 4 times. The vet said it was the first time he had ever done an operation like this, cutting out a section of the intestine & joining up the new ends.

Second trip, took along Coffee with a dew claw problem, Noi for hair loss ?? Mange? & Ya. The tumour is now showing outside of her vulva again. Vet said he would sterilise today and try to pull, what he termed was a prolapse, back in. Unfortunately after the operation, he said he was unsuccessful as her vulva muscles were so weak from the extensive TvT, that when ever he pulled it in, it just popped out again.

(About 4 weeks later, it fianlly went back in of its own accord!)

Also picked up Kaew and a bundle of 6 coughing & sneezing puppies. Turned out these had Distemper and after the diagnosis, I returned them to the village lady who found them and said that we could under no circumstances take them to the shelter for fear of the disease spreading.

Also on this trip I had Nugent & 7 babies who were all suffering with a rash and loss of hair. Turned out that all were suffering from Tick & Flea allergy.A good shower now & again along with some flea & tick treatment would improve their condition

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