16 November 2006

Kennel Cough final stages

Took Bubi, Lulu, Baan & Phuky along to see the vet for a test of the cough. They stand on the table, he tickles their throat, they cough or not, he nods. The vet also magically listens to their lungs and decides on the severity, sometimes I feel by looking at the 3rd ceiling tile from the left above the door.

This is such an effort, getting 4 dogs into cages, loading them on the truck, driving 20 kilometres and doing the simplest of thing at the end of it. Wouldn't it be great if we had our own vet at the shelter or we had resources & facilities to do the test, get the result and medicate appropriately without stressing the dogs more and spending money on fuel.

I am moaning for the first time in this diary but feel I need to say the obvious. But having said that, if the vet diagnosed a change to the condition of their lungs, better or worse, its all been worth it.

Anyway, Lulu also needs a scrape around her eye as she is losing hair. Dermodec Mange! Her immunity has been reduced by the Kennel Cough and now this raises its head. Lulu, say thanks to your mother for this one!

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