14 December 2006

BuunLai goes home

Well the guy is finally pulling through and his skin is no longer bleeding every day. His stiches have been removed after the benign tumur was removed and he is looking much fitter than he did when I took him to the shelter, exactly 3 months ago.

Kh Chom, the village hairdresser was there to greet him and BuunLai worked himself into a frenzy, marking all his territory with a pee and a goud ground scuffing along with his characteristic vocals. BuunLai howls like a wolf and makes a groaning sound when stretching his legs or when he is excited.

Today, he is trotting around as if he has a new set of legs, endless energy and a smile from ear to ear.

His dog friends also came to greet him and he was definaely relaxed and happy to be home.

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