20 December 2006

Scissors came in handy

Today I went to Maejo again with Karin to meet up with a new volunteer Carolyn McCarthy who has started to share the feeding commitment on alternate weeks with Karin.

There were lots of hungry mouths to feed and the pups we saw last week were now weaker and 1 had died. We collected them up, much to the anxiety of the mother to take them back to the shelter. Momo, Tisha & Cinemon would no doubt find a home quickly as they were just so cute & cuddly and if they lived.

( Pic taken 3 weeks later )

Picked up a kitten for someone who wanted to adopt one. Wat Vivek has loads of kittens and any home would be better than their sorry existence here. In the process of 'picking up' got bitten by the ferocious little tiger, leaving nasty gauges in my hand.

On the way out of the area, we stopped to see some fishing like nets, strung across the tops of grassland, with wild birds fluttering for freedom, trapped by their every move. I rushed for my scissors that I now keep in my hand bag, since meeting those folks at the Nimmanhemin Road Arts Fair, and Karin & I cut many birds free and took some away with us to free later in our handbags, as some locals had seen us stop and were becoming interested.

Why? Why? Why? Still don't understand why these folks do this. There is no meat on these little birds. Maybe sell them for pets. Maybe I don't want to know.

Anyway, now I don't just rescue dogs, I am an Animal Activist!!

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