23 January 2007

11 to the Vet today

Misha is now bleeding for last 2 weeks and we assume she is on heat. Yep, sure enough, the vet tested her bleeding discharge to confirm it.

The vet also said that blood check should be done on Misha for Liver & Kidney functions and Xray to further assess the severity / stage of the Heartworm problem. Then due to her age, there might be an increased risk of adverse reaction ( death) and we would need to weight all the facts up to decide if we should proceed. Hey Dr, why not sit on the fence?!

Had Bailey & Naiomi (dumped Wat Vivek 1 week ago) with me, suffering with a cough. Lungs sounded ok and no fever.

Also had Brian, Bobby & Bianco, 3 short legged brown puppy's dumped at Wat Vivek 2 weeks ago. All 3 were suffering with thick green mucus from the nose and quite weak. Their lungs were rattling and the vet suggested they should be seperated.

Fe's lost 1 puppy now, Tonka, and the others are much the same. Tommy Boy is still ok.

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