11 January 2007

Fe's Puppy's go down hill

Took Jack along for a further heck on his willy, to see if the TvT has gone away yet, so we can start with his Heartworm treatment. The vet said the floral growth was as small as it was likely to get ( just like NuDee) and we should start the Asprin treatment asap in preparation for the injections.

Also with me was an adult called Anny who according to Kh Yom, had green poo. Well, the vet couldn't find anything wrong with her and suggested we just observe for a few days.

Next was a puppy dumped at a temple, Judy, she has watery lungs, lethargic, slightly hard pads but no fever.

Then there were Fe's 6 puppy's. Today as I put them on the vets inspection table, I named them for the first time. Tinker,Tonka,Tommy Boy,Tabby,Tammy & of course Tayler.

After a systematic check of their faeces and lungs, the vet diagnosed half of them with Distemper. They had a combination of watery lungs, temperature, diarrhea all except Tommy Boy. He was the strongest.

The vet explained to me that the 4 signs of Distemper to watch for were:

  1. Cough & then water on the lungs
  2. Diarrhea
  3. Lethargy
  4. and then after about a week, Hardpad

Learning all the time.

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