10 January 2007

Meeting Volunteers

This morning I had the great priveledge of meeting new folks that were keen to volunteer. Firstly I met Teresa & Nok, who turned up at the same time as Lindsay. I tried scareing them all away, by showing them the dirty work, the noisey characters and the sad faces on the long term staying dogs. But nope, they were hooked! They all said they would like to help and needed to know how and when.

Then I went into Chiang Mai, to a coffee shop where I had agreed to meet with a girl, another new volunteer. I sat outside, displaying my doggy paper work and looked around to see if there was anyone that might resemble her. After 10 mins, I had seen only one girl enter and she had ignored me. so I went inside, ordered another coffee ( poor me eh) and sat inside.

After another 5 mins of watching this girl read a magazine, I went to her and said, "My name is Ally, I am supposed to meet a girl called *****se here, is that you?" 'Yeah' she said.

I was already thinking I should leave, I gave her the benefit of doubt and talked to her about the work we do. She said 'Yeah' at each thing I said and at times, pre-empting my last words with an extra 'Yeah' too. So I paid for my coffee and left. What a shame and I really wonder what she had in mind.

Ok, next!

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