8 August 2007

Blow darting TvT cases

This entry covers a story about 2 dogs that live at a temple / school and both have severe TvT (Transmissible Venereal Tumour).

Amandine & I visited the location twice to blow dart the dogs. They both hang out in the school dinner hall, sleeping under the tables and getting regular meals from both staff & children.

The male, "Carrefour", has a massive tumour on his penis and constantly drips blood. In fact, by the time we arrived back at the shelter, there was a puddle of blood in the back of the truck.

The female, well her back end is a mess. Yes that is the dart in Amandine's pocket, dangerous woman!

Amandine was busy at the school with her camera and the children, as ever, were willing models and extremely interested in the results.

The 2 dogs are now at the shelter and receiving weekly chemotherapy.

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