21 August 2007

Nakorn Payap - Community & Temple Aid Program

Today Amandine & I visited Nakorn Payap International School (NIS), as Kh Yu & Ms Elissa are in the initial stages of setting up a Community & Temple Aid Program and wanted us to present information to a gathering of interested project volunteer students on the work we do.

The project will essentially help the community effectively reduce the numbers of homeless dogs, improve the health of the current ones living within the grounds of a temple.

This wonderful initiative will enable the participants from the school to arrange sterilisation, vaccinate, treat mange & other illness, as well as improve the general level of health of the residents at a temple along with regular feeding.

Karin, Amandine & I have recently been visiting a particular temple we have in mind for this project, where there are over 30 dogs with many needing sterilisation and some interesting skin problem to deal with too. The monks and staff in the offices there, know the dogs by name and they are generally sociable ( the monks & staff too ). Currently there are some young pups riddled with ticks and by the look of the bloated tummies of some of the adults, a few more are on their way.

This location will be an ideal opportunity for the NIS group to get involved and help the community with such a valuable contribution of effort and impact on the future numbers of homeless dogs in the vicinity.

Last week we showed the temple to Kh Yu & Ms Elissa and they immediately saw the potential.
Today Amandine & I think they have managed to convince their volunteer colleagues to give this initiative their commitment and become the first school in Chiang Mai to start such a worthwhile activity.

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