31 August 2007

Care for Dogs Adoption Fair III - Payap University Chiang Mai

Care for Dogs jumped at the invitation, to be part of the Payap University Chiang Mai National Science and Technology Exhibition, held within the halls of the Faculty of Science.

Students demonstrated many of the current project activities and companies such as Apple and local computer sales merchandisers were laying out their wears to attract the purses of the students parents.

A highlight of the afternoon, the period I was there, was a stage show performed by some young girls from a visiting school, cajoling elder students to take part in a bottle of liquid recognition quiz. It was all very loud, animated and plenty of fun, the audience enjoyed it immensely.

Sales at the Cfd stand raised money along with donations and many people showed great interest in the work of Care for Dogs.

Karin held adoption interviews with prospective adopters and despite not being quite the same type of venue Cfd had held before at Airport Plaza, there were many adoptions of young puppies, some that had recently been dumped & rescued from a temple in Maejo.

The event also marked the launch of the new Care for Dogs colours and Karin kindly gave all volunteers a free black Polo shirt, with pink stripes & details of Cfd embroidered on the pocket & the back.

The photo quality took a down turn, lighting was not too good for photo's and besides, Amandine has now returned to the USA (miss you so much x) and we were without her photographic skills.

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