25 August 2007

All problems can be overcome

Today I read several articles about blocks being put on visibility and accessibility of some blogs and sites. This knee jerked me into backing up the data, that's the pages / posts published, rather than just the way it looks & feels.

After a little searching I found an excellent utility to download all the posts & comments from your blog to your local PC and its so easy to use. Shame it doesn't save down the pics within the diary entries but I have those already, after all, I uploaded them in the first place! I will sleep easier tonight.

Hope Amandine doesn't mind me publishing a pic she sent me today.

The moral of this pic is that all problems can be overcome, you just need to sit & think about how to sort it out.


Greg said...

I'm glad you liked it... :)

The good news is that I plan on adding picture backing up in a future version.

Take care,

Carol and Chris said...

Backing up the blog is a great idea. I hadn't thought of doing that!! (Will now look into it)

Just finished reading your post about Benny - made me cry. I have two soi kittens that I got from Bangkok's Soi Cat and Dog Rescue and I would be devastated if anything happened to either of them.

I think the work you are doing is great!!