25 June 2007

Adoption Fair 2 - Another success

Yesterday, after much confusion about the date, the location within Airport Plaza & the number of pups & kittens to bring along, we finally showed Chiang Mai shoppers the strength of Care for Dogs team commitment, to help homeless dogs & cats find new homes.

Thanks to all the volunteers that were able to help on the day and a warm welcome to newcomers who made the occassion so much more a success. Well done to everyone, the adoption rate equalled the last event at 9 youngsters finding homes. The day also allowed us to communicate with many people, including some who showed interest in volunteering and gave us the opportunity to raise funds through donation & sales and also raise public awareness.

Oh, and I must stress a big thank you to Kh Yu for helping me with the blog.....I think she will get my meaning! ;)

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Yu said...

Hey Ally!
Hahaha, you mentioned me! I'm glad I could be of some help internet-wise, as I wasn't there to help at the adoption fair. I'm glad it went well. From the pictures -- wow, a lot of new merchandise!! You're doing so much for the doggies in Chiang Mai, it's wonderful.
Take care!
- Yu