4 June 2007

Big update

This guy is just doing everything he can to get back home to his owner family.

The first pic was taken when we first rescued him from outside his home the first week of April (8 weeks ago) .

Thanks once again to the eagle eye of Sven ( Aka Mange Tout not sure if that is a green pea variety??) Big was taken to the vet & scrape tested. Under the microscope he was proved to have dermodectic mange and with regular food & oral ingestion of a relatively cheap and readily accessible medicine "Ivomectin" he is now growing all his hair back and gone are those dry scales & callouses.

He will be returned to his home very soon.

Dermodectic mange is something passed to the pups by their mums. Its not contagious and can surface ( pun intended!) even in well cared & groomed dogs. When we take him back home, we will have to keep an eye on him in the future, just in case there is a remnant of the parasite in his system, but that's just dog watching !!! We do that every day.

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