29 June 2007

Puppy has strange walk

Tally, a gorgeous little pup is showing signs of a problems with her back legs. Today she visited the vet for assessment and the first the vet said, "she is deformed". Looking at her head & shoulders one can see she is broad and when one looks at her rear & hips, she is narrow. On physical examination, the vet found the route of some foot dragging and wobbling on those tiny legs. A deformed knee joint, which in essence has the bones too far away from each other and the ligaments cannot effectively control their movement as if they were nearer together.

In the pic, you might see the problem. The gap atthe front is so wide, one can put their finger into the crevace. This is apparently a classic condition many dogs suffer, possibly derived from genetic issues and inter species breeding.

The vet said to just allow the puppy to grow up & become comfortable with the condition, recommending that no treatment was necessary.

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