5 June 2007

Back in the saddle

Teamed up with Karin today to visit a good friend of ours and carry out some vaccinations of young pups he has been caring for. After that we headed off to a temple in Chaing Mai city, where we intended to look at the dog population and possibly introduce a local school who are keen to start a 'Temple Aid Project' and start the process of sterilising the residents & improving their health.
Well we certainly found what we were looking for. Dogs came from every corner of the courtyard and there were some even tucked away, waiting for the monks there to show us. 3 new born pups, no more than a month old, sleeping on a dark & dirty kitchen stone floor.

Running around the car park was a little cutie, pregnant and waiting to populate the place with even more pups. Mange cases rife, limps, ticks, fleas & possible TvT & pyometra too. There will no doubt be blood parasite cases here and all will need to be brought up to speed on their vaccinations. Who knows, there might even be heartworm.

After giving as many dogs as we could some dry food, we managed to take the expectant mum, a bad mange case and a possible TvT & pyometra case with us in the car, stopping off at the vet with the latter 2 for full diagnosis.

Sure enough, there was good cause for concern, the poor girl with a pussy vulva has TvT and we will arrange for her to be sterilised asap and assess if she has pyometra whilst under anaesthetic.

This temple will certainly welcome the efforts of the enthusiastic youngsters we hope will take on this site as their first project. We estimated there to be in excess of 30 dogs either in the temple grounds or visitors from surrounding homes that would benefit from regular feeding & some organised medical attention. The monks were certainly appreciative of our interest.

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