27 June 2007

A sad admission

I have thought a while about writing this item, as the content is a little distressing and the person involved in the story is a man who is desperate to find a way to stay in Thailand legally. He expressly requested I publish his email to me which says more than I can write about the matter, so I will let you read that for yourselves.


please post this on your site,


in the UK i long prided myself in the care of my own dogs , of which i had several from childhood and throughout my life. of course, in the UK problems and illness with dogs are less prevalent and easier dealt with than here in Thailand.
it is with a heavy heart that i write in admission to allowing my pride to stand in the way of my golden retriever, Lay Lay, a big , playful bundle of soppyness, get the care he needed in proper time. thinking that i could control his problems myself i did , what i convinced myself was, my best in controlling a recurring mange problem.
the truth of the matter is that i became aware some time ago that my efforts were not really enough. events conspired to rob me of time as i became embroiled in the process of starting a business here in Chiang Mai. but that is no excuse.

having worked with carefordogs i knew i only needed to ask and they would help. finally i made that call this weekend and today Ally kindly took Lay Lay to the vet for much needed treatment. already having been beating myself up about it, my feeling of self loathing increased as i saw Allys reaction. She was not happy and i don't blame her. again, pride and concern for my own reputation made me ask her not to
publish photos. i retract that request and ask that the full story be known as an example to
ask others not to make my mistake. Carefordogs are there to help. Do not make your dog wait too long when they need that care.

I am now involved in a fulltime business here, my only option for being able to remain in this wonderful country , and further to my utmost apologies for not acting sooner in Lay Lays best interests I now have the concern for Lay lay and his companions Sam and Judy, being left for most of the day , which is something i cannot avoid until my business is well established and i get more free time, which could be several months. This is not fair on the dogs , so I ask that anyone who is looking, ideally someone with space and time for all 3, who are a well bonded friendly group, to get in touch through Carefordogs.
The photos of Lay Lay below are a sad reflection of a beautiful Golden Retriever who has been allowed to suffer an outbreak of dermodectic mange. I think this fella will recover quickly and find a home with people who will care for him. The other 2 dogs Sam & Judy, we shall recover to the shelter in the next few days and hope that they will also fin a home.

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