1 July 2007

We miss you so much Mira

Sadly this diary entry records the passing of a much loved dog at the shelter. Karin's email to the team is shown below and her words reflect our emotions too. She will always be with us in our hearts & minds.
Dear all

With a heavy heart I have to inform you that our dear shelter dog Mira passed away last Friday night.

We found her in the morning lying on the dog sala opposite the house, and she must have died a few hours ago. We hadn’t notice any signs of sickness the day before, she looked happy and playful as usual. She didn’t have any injuries and we assume that her death was caused by diaphragmatic hernia.

Mira was dumped at a crematory together with her siblings when she was a puppy in July last year. The children who lived nearby “played” with Mira by throwing her around like a ball, and from all those falls she suffered a diaphragmatic hernia. A kind woman found her and brought her to a vet, and after that we took her and her siblings in. We knew we couldn’t have Mira sterilized as this would have caused a collapse of her lung. All her siblings got adopted and though Miras adoption chances were low due to this problem, we thought she could spend several happy years with us. But this wasn’t meant to be.

What makes me sad and up-set is that this is most probably another case where human abuse led to the death of an innocent animal, it’s a shame what sufferings humans are able to put on animals.

Wherever you are now, Mira, hope you’ll be happy in the land behind the rainbow. Thank you for the love and joy you brought to us.


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Kerrio said...

Farewell Mira, I'm glad you found the rescue to love you.