22 June 2007

Thursday vet trip

Panda was a little excited today, in more ways than one. Firstly when the vet looked at his willy, things started happening and following a final inspection for his TvT & given a clean bill of health, he was fit to go back home!! More of that later.

Phuky, after a long haul and a rough ride through her treatment for TvT, is also given the all clear today and we will sterilise her next week, as she is attracting attentions from handsome admirers at the shelter, as she appears to be on heat.

Pat, Kelly & Cynthia had their next TvT injections without incident and Moom appears to be on his final jab today, the vet saying she wanted to see him again next week & than his treatment should also be complete.

Dam, a cute short legged adult black dog, brought to the shelter for recuperation after being beaten up & badly bitten in the neck by other dogs, was sterilised last week and since then has been showing a strange nervous symptom. She literally curls her neck round to one side, as if staring at her tail and then walking like a drunk robot.

The vet said we should stop the antibiotics and see if this was a reaction to the medication and assured us that this was not a reaction to the anaesthetic at surgery of sterilisation.

The smallest of the cases today was Heather. She is a tiny pup of about a month old but with a dead tip to her tail. The vet suggested an operation under local anaesthetic this afternoon to remove the dead portion, which seems to have died due to some trauma.

And finally it was the turn of Lady, the abandoned elderly Labrador to have another check on her blood condition. She is not gaining weight and continues to look very thin and weak. Back at the shelter she is behaving like a broody mum, demanding to be with any young puppies, just to be near them. We think this reflects a little of her history that we are completely in the dark about. Maybe she was a breeding dog and now discarded as she came to the end of her production value. What ever the story, we will make every effort to bring her back to better health in her retired years.

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