12 July 2007

Big hearted people & very wise dogs

These scenes are typical from my experience when around Karin & Amandine who as you can see pour their hearts out to the dogs they meet and give them so much care.

I know there are many folks like this in the world like these but currently I am blown away with how totally focused & dedicated they are towards the improvement of health of homeless dogs on the streets and in temples here in Chiang Mai.

Well done girls and I am so proud to know you and witness the differences you make to these beautiful creatures.

I have just discovered an interesting observation that will now stay with me for a long time. Photo's like these are precious and whenever you see a photo of a dog that is homeless, there is a story behind that photo that would take a page or more to write.

Sometimes we don't know all the story, there is no way we can but when we know dogs over a long period the history builds up. Not every doggy comes into this world with a healthy mother, soft warm bed and plenty of food to give them a good start. And when they are up on their feet, the dangers they face from everyday life, although making them very wise for their young shoulders, marks them for their life. They find homes(shelters) where they can and move from one food source to another in a hope that this place will be more safe & secure than the last. Maybe they are remembering the car than dropped them off at the temple and constantly listen for that similar car or see the headlights in the night & hope the car will come back for them. Maybe they just turn their backs on the world that deserted them and pledged to fight the rest of their lives to survive.

Whatever their story, its a long battled and embittered one that few humans could possibly relate to.


Karin said...

It has to be said, Ally, what wonderful difference YOU make for so many dogs in need in Chiang Mai, tireless and with enourmous energy and devotion. I'm more than thankful you joined our team and to have you as a buddy and partner.

PS: So touching what you wrote about the known and unknown stories of the dogs we meet.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the work you do.My family and I visited Chiang Mai in Nov 2006,and loved it so. I came home with memories and pictures of many dogs and think of them often. I hope you can continue to thrive in the work you do there. Jennifer-Long Beach, CA (USA)