30 July 2007

Photo special for Expectant viewers

Here is a selection of photos, taken by our proffessional team photographer, especially for an expectant mum to be Sachli. We hope you are keeping well and your stay is comfortable.

This slide show represents just a few of the current residents. They are all needing a home and given the opportunity, will make wonderful, loving companions.

If anyone reading this knows of someone needing a good friend, loyal partner, someone to share love and affection, do get in touch and maybe we can be match makers.

Care for Dogs has so many dogs that need homes. Some pupies have been born at the shelter from rescued pregnant temple or street dogs.

Some are from rice sacks we find at the gate, containing discarded litters of pups, as the family only wanted 1 from their beloved family dog.

Many of the puppies at the shelter come from local temples where they are found wandering, looking for food after being recently dumped there. ( We know this as the monks tell us about the clandestine activity of dump & run cars at night )

And other dogs at the shelter come from places like carparks & 7/11 forcourts, that have just been discarded by families that no longer want them. ( yes this happens ) Staying in a group, looking for the car that dumped them and wagging their tails to anyone & everyone, hardly the inflammatory characteristics of 'wild, savage & unfriendly dogs', that sells newspapers, fills blogspace or motivates so many folks to give the poor homeless creatures a negative image.

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Kerrio said...

This is lovely! Well done to the photographer. Hope it gives you some good results.
Snog from the dogs, to the dogs.

Kerrio & co