3 July 2007

Dam has a brain infection & TvT

Dam ( means Black in Thai) is a cute short legged adult dog. She came to us a month ago from a kind Thai citizen who found her being beaten up and badly bitten by other dogs in the street near her shop.

She initially took Dam to a nearby clinic and after minor surgery to repair her wounds and provide her antibiotics & anti inflammatory medication, Dam came to us to recuperate further, before returning to her street life near the kind lady's shop.

The wounds healed nicely and we sterilised her 2 weeks ago.

Recently we have noticed she is curling her head backwards towards her tail and stumbles easily when walking. We thought it might be connected with the previous wounds and possible muscle & nerve damage.

Today she went along for a check up and the vet suggested the problem might be due to brain damage / infection termed Encephalitis. The link on wiki reflects a very dark picture. However, this link relates to the same condition in children. This is slightly more positive, so we will take proactive steps to help Dam with her condition.

But!!! Whilst at the vet's, I mentioned that Dam had become the admiration of many males at the shelter ( canine!) and as she had been sterilised, was there something else happening in her vagina? After an internal inspection, Dam appears to have another problem. Transmissible Venereal Disease (TvT). She has a tumour about the size of a small grape within her vagina.

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