5 July 2007

Thursday Vet Run

Once again we took along the TvT cases currently with us and all are doing fine. Also coming with us on the morning trip for sterilisation, are 3 girls Fai, Nak & BoonRod. They will spend the day there and after their afternoon nap we will pick them up again & return to the shelter for a week of TLC.

I was asked by friend recently, who I thought was fairly street savvy "what does TLC in your blog mean?" Silly me, I assume too much. Anyway, for those others I have wrongfully assumed knew the meaning, its Tender Loving Care.

A couple of youngsters came to the vet today for checks. One was Cindy, a puppy brought in from a temple for check as she was acting very strangely. She just seemed to cower in corners and stay away from others, and not eating or otherwise acting like a typical puppy would. After a few visits now, it seems there is nothing the vets can find wrong, apart from the fact she is extremely scared and needs to relax & accept food from strangers.

Cheeky, this cute bundle of fun, is one of 8 pups born to a dog named Dok. She is a very antisocial thing but her pups are well fed, appearing quite healthy and getting the early safe & secure environment they need in life to get a good start by way of food, water, de-worming & vaccination.

Cheeky it turns out has an outbreak of fungal infection on her foot and a couple of the others have got it too on their bodies. Cheeky is the guinea pig today and we shall give the same treatment to the others, pink anti-biotic syrup and seborectic showers.

In the waiting room, I met Sua who was very keen to see our pups but was not going to get too near! No thats not a hair band, its actually a (paid for) hair cut style. The owner of this dog wanted to practice his English with me and reminded me of some of the awful experiences I witness when holiday makers ( and some long stay folks ) talk to Thai people. Why is it that people assume that people that cannot speak their language are also deaf?

Later in the day I met up with another Cindy, who is far less shy and accepts food from anyone!

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