29 July 2007

Can you help Paul find a home?

Dear Animal Friends

Today we would like to introduce a very special case and a special dog to you: Paul.

Paul was living around Ratchamanka Road, a handsome looking black-white dog. One night Paul was hit by a motorbike, and couldn’t move any more. The next day caring neighbours called us and we picked him up. Vet checks and an x-ray confirmed that Paul had suffered dislocation of his lumbar vertebrae. The impact of this became more and more apparent; Paul cannot use his back legs any more but can get around by dragging them behind them.
Paul is in good health otherwise and is a gentle natured guy who loves human companionship.

What are Paul’s options for his future? Will he have as much luck as Hannah, another dog with a similar fate? A kind vet in Bangkok donated a wheel chair for her, and a loving lady with a huge heart decided to give Hannah a new life at her home. Today Hannah and her new owner Tameer are enjoying daily walks together and we are convinced Hannah enjoys a wonderful life with Tameer. Read by yourself what Tameer says about living with Hannah ...

“Although living with and caring for a companion such as Hannah requires a little more attention than perhaps another more able bodied dog, the rewards are dramatically greater. With loving care and a small commitment of time in the beginning, Hannah has healed and developed way beyond her apparent initial disability. She has gone from dragging her rear end exclusively to strengthening her remaining back leg enough to be able to stand while eating. She is slowly experimenting with standing to turn around and is currently "figuring out" how to balance her body and move as a 3 legged being. By nature, Hannah is a very happy and joyful little being, accepting of all that life has brought her. She is a genuine pleasure to have as a companion. We share a deep appreciation of each other and Hannah loves that she has a home of her own. We have 2 young cats with whom Hannah plays, she is always sweet and gentle with them and they are great friends! With the help of a 2 wheeled cart that was donated by Dr. Nan in Bangkok, Hannah is able to go for walks much like any other dog .. sniffing, chasing cats and just generally enjoying the pleasures of being an inquisitive dog.”

Can we believe in another miracle – is there another kind soul around who would be willing to give Paul a new life? We would give any assistance needed to adapt to his new home and to arrange a wheel-chair for him to give him a best possible start into a new life.

If you think you can help Paul, please let us know.

Warm regards,
Care for Dogs

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