11 October 2006

1st of 2 trips today !!

Nina - Scrape check for mange, she has rash too. Vet said she was sleeping on moist ground and needed to be kept dry. Proved positive for demodex mange, .4cc 1xday and providene on rash.

Bubi ( put that ball down will you!!) Has early stage kennel cough. 4cc cefelexin syrup 2xday .5cc bromhexin 2xday. Separate from others.

Connie - Ditto Bubi.

Benny - Ditto Bubi.

Tommy - Ditto Bubi.

Jimmy - Rescued from near Wat Vivek (Maejo)

Jimmy stands in a bent posture and finds it hard to move. He has no hair and only grease covering his flesh.

Vet diagnosed Seborrhea, use malactic shampoo , already on Cefelexin 500 1xday, Ivomec .5 1xday, Antihistamine 2 tabs per day

(Pic taken after 2 weeks of treatment)

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