21 October 2006

Wat Doi Kam

Met up with John, one of the other volunteers and we sat in the carpark drinking coffee, listening to Treepies, Laughing Thrush and Barbets, generally watching the dogs and enjoying the fresh and natural jungle environment.

We had gone along to see the dogs and maybe talk with the monk about feeding the dogs using the dry food that John was delivering from Care for Dogs.

Kam would not come within 2 metres of us. John showed me how he would try to encourage Kam to come near him and we schemed how we might catch her. Nets, traps, bait & maybe asking a local vet to come along with a blow dart and catch her that way. We just want to sterilise her before its too late.

I vowed to come here more often and get closer to the Doi Kam Pack and help John to keep these creatures as healthy as possible.

Noticed that Dam was limping. had a bald patch around one eye and his willy had a lump at the base of it, larger than we had seen before. Took him to the vet and found that the eye was due to a fight injury, the limp was not seen at the vets (attention seeking ?) and the lump was because he was because he was excited to see us!!! How embarrassing for us so called doggy experts!still, it gave him a change of scenary for the afternoon!

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