11 October 2006

2nd trip today

Leena 5th VD jab, mass almost gone, just a fragment remaining. Final injection today but come back next week for check.

Duktik - Kennel cough - here we go. (KC)

Lulu - KC

Fe - KC and on heat. How can this be? She was sterilised back in July. Vet said that there was nothing that could be done but to observe. (Watch this space, she has babies in December!!)

Doxycyclin 100mg 2xday & bromhexin 8mg 1xday

Ya - A very scared female with a very bad case of TvT. This showed as a large red cauliflower protruding from the vulva. She also had serious tumour problems around her teats too, gaping holes and open wounds. 3rd jab today but must be kept away from others as this is still contagious.

(this pic was taken 2 weeks later, under a pallet, where she spent most of her days, hiding and feeling a little safe)

Chogun - A village miniture dog, with a skin condition - negative mange, appears to be fungal infection. Cefelexin 1cc 2xday, vit 2cc 1xday, Hydroxicin 1 tab 2xday & med shampoo weekly.

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