3 October 2006

Nu-Dee 2nd trip

Winifred & I go to Rama IX park to collect Nu-Dee for his weely ear clean, mange treatment, TvT jab and of course, a large portion of Gai Yang (fried chicken). He likes the latter but hates the other stuff. Especially the ear cleaning and puts up a hell of a struggle.

His TvT is showing small signs of recesssion already, even after 1 jab. Today, it doesn't look quite so red & bloody.

For anyone reading about this for the first time, TvT in a male dog is the formation of a floral growth, a bit like cauliflower, on the shaft and base of the penis. If you pull the dogs forskin back, right down to the base ( don't worry it doesn't hurt them) normally you will see just the pink coloured flesh. But in NuDee's case, his has this deep red floral growth on it and when standing on 4 legs, his willy looks large and hanging low.

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