13 October 2006


Received a call at about 18:00 this evening to tell me there was a dog injured at the side of the road not far from our home. When we eventually found the dog, it was 18:30 but it transpired that this delay was nothing compared to the previous one. The people who called us said they saw the dog hit by a car at 08:00 that same morning. For various reasons, I guess ranging from they thought he was dead through to they couldn't care because what could they do, it took 10 hours for someone to call us.

I located the poor thing laying in a bush next to a shop/house where people were coming & going all day. I took one look at him and felt we communicated. I gave him some water and without moving he licked the water until the bowl was empty. (10 hours!)

He screamed and yelped which nearly tore my heart out, as we moved him into a box to transport him. This guy was in agony.

We went to the small animal hospital in Chiang Mai, which is associated closely with the University and offers a 24 hour emergency facility. They did some Xrays and they said he was in so much pain but could not identify exactly why. (10 hours!) He got some pain killers and anti inflamatory medicine and I took him back to the shelter to let him rest and sleep in a safe environment.

(Photo was taken a few days later)

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