27 October 2006


Today Ya gets her 5th injection against her TvT. The growth is reducing externally but its hard to say that its better. There is still growth on the inside.

The village dog Fuk, who has open wounds and what the vet termed as 'soft tissue tumour' and they said that if it were operated on, the wounds would not heal but merely develop more tumour. The vet said that the dog would not recover from this and if it is eating, then at least it has a will to live. I let the owner know and she was obviously upset. Fuk returned to the dark corner of the stone floored kitchen where he spent all his time.

Kh Yom had been treating Fuk at his home, bathing his wounds and in the early stages, bandaging the areas after cleaning.

(About 2 months later Fuk passed away)

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