19 October 2006

Thursday vet trip

Tdoon is still not walking but despite no movement in his back legs, he is dragging himself about and managing to eat, poo & pee ok. He also likes to bury himself in damp sand! Tdoon went to see another vet today and after more Xrays, they found the problem. Fractured right pelvice and vertabra 11 & 12 out of place. Vet recommended Remydil for 2 weeks and Vit B to improve nerve system. He had nerve sensation in his tail and both legs so it was quite possible he would walk again but the vet warned, as with all rear end injuries, there is a high risk of nerve damage which can affect the control of the bladder & bowel.

Duchess has puss coming from her vulva. She was checked for pyometra but it seems she only has a slight infection in her Urethra. She is still suffering from her dripping incontinence and the vet thought the infection came from her not cleaning herself. - Not surprising really, can you imagine licking yourself 24 hours a day to clean yourself. Antibiotics and cleaning routine to continue.

Ya's TvT is now shrinking away dramatially. The tumurs also look smaller on her belly. She is now socialising a bit at the shelter, rather than spending so much time under that pallet. Today she gets her 4th injection and will need another 2.

Brought a village dog called Char to the vet with me today. This scrawny little dog which looks a bit like a long haired datchshund but unfortunately, the reason for the visit, with very little hair on his body. Vet recommended .4cc Ivomec weekly for 4 weeks along with 2cc Cefolexin & half a tab of prenisilone daily. A good shower once a week with medicated shampoo would also improve things.

Mira today needs her lungs checked for fluid. This is the little pup with diaphragmatic hernia. She is still suffering with Kennel Cough and indeed the xray showed there was quiate a build up of moisture in one side of her lungs. Vet prescribed a mild diaretic and changed her antibiotics to see if we could shift this infection. The vet also said that to operate on the hernia, to repair the whole in the diaphram, would cost about 4,500 baht and there was a 50/50 chance of sucess (living) due to the assisted breathing risk. In the meantime she cannot be sterilised because that too would require opening the body cavity and release the vaccume. This dog needs a safe and caring home.

Leena, great news!! Her TvT has receeded and the treatment can now stop. We can sterilise her asap.

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