27 September 2006

Hannah - Must find this dog a home

Leena 4th jab, mass reduced in size.

Uwen 5th jab, mass now gone, treatment finished.

Yim, owner had not given any of the medication prescribed 3 weeks ago, packet still sealed. Eyes and ears still the same, in fact eye lids now bleeding. Clean eye and apply 2 drops of Tobrex 3xday. Cefelexin 5cc 2xday. Preniselone 5mg half tab 2xday for 2 weeks. Vit E 400mg 1xday - for eyes!! For the ears, clean and 2 drops Dexeryl 2xday. Take back to shelter until improved.

Lucky, URTI / Kennel Cough , dermatitis possible caused by poor health. Needs separating. Give cefolexin syrup 2cc 2xday.

Hannah. This gentle young girl was hit by a car and lost the use of her back legs. One was amputated, the other extremely weak. She moves around the shelter by running on her front legs and dragging her rear behind her. Its still raining here, the ground is dirty and she is a sorry state.

Ears causing head shaking, stump and back leg are bleeding. Vet recommended 2 drops dexeryl each ear twice a day and a good clean. Stump to be cleaned daily with hydrogen peroxide /sterile water 50/50 then flushed with providene/betadine, followed by Solcoseryl gel in the wound and then bandage. Cefolexin 250 grm 2xday 2 weeks

Duchess -
Lovely natured girl with front claws growing excessively long nails. Main problem is that she has suffered nerve damage to her rear end and constantly drips urine or could be classed as incontinent. Therefore her hips are constantly wet from where she lays or sits & drips. Vet recommended Neurobian/Vit B complex for life to improve.

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