1 September 2006

My second vet trip

Mimi a skinny little girl who had previously had Distemper and had become angry & antagonistic to other dogs following her treatment. Vet said to sedate her and encourage her to socialise. (- Didn't implement the sedation but tried to socialise her more. It worked )

Noi Noi, having her 3rd weekly jab for TvT ( Transmissible Venereal Tumour) and bring along next week for 4th.

Chrissy( daughter of Noi Noi ) hair/skin problem around eye. Negative result for mange, vet said to observe and just treat with providene.

Ouen ( 1st TvT jab ) This is a village dog, from a house in the village near the shelter. She shares her home with another dog called Yim. More of him later.

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