14 September 2006

Meeting friends

Leena 2nd TvT jab, slight weight loss, mass inside still same size.

Uwun 3rd TvT jab 17.5 kilo, mass inside now 1cm, reduced by half.

Phuk, village dog with open wounds that seem not to be healing. Soft tissue tumour and getting worse. On legs from laying down, on belly from wound after jumping fence. Advised to wear collar and continue Augmentine. Flush left side wound with hydrogen peroxide as it is septic.

Mira, puppy rescued from boys playing football with her in Crematorium. Suffered internal injuries to her diaphragm (diaphragmatic hernia) Today is suffering from breathing heavy, signs of cold and vomiting. Respiratory tract infection, separate from others.

Fluffy (skinny black fluffy mess ) Lice eggs on hair, anaemia - yellow gums and skin, sarcoptic mange. Frontline, Ivomec 1xweek, cefolexin & vit b daily. Medicated shower weekly.

Met up with Nola, another volunteer and met Winifred for the first time. Found out that there are in fact 5 different 7-11 stores in Huay Keaw road and Winifred was waiting at the last one!! She wanted to rescue Sua Suay, a hairless black dog who lived in the street near her home. Vet diagnosed advanced sarcoptic mange and suggested 1,000 mg fish oil 400mg Vit E for black dry skin, Ivomectine for at least 2 months .5cc per week and shower with Amitraz. Took him to shelter along with a donation from Winifred.

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