2 September 2006

Recording more info now!

Yim, the scruffy red eyed and very dirty eared Jack Russell look alike, part of Uwuns family from Wiang Dong. The owner said straight away that she could not afford any treatment and was very worried because Uwuns treatment was already going to be his eyes and drops for his ears too. She cleaned them and found the left ear was the real problem. Vet gave me Amoxicillin for a week, 2 tabs twice a day.

Bell, feet inflamed and fungal infection on skin around bottom. Owner wanted to know if she was pregnant. Fungal cream Ketoclonazole recommended for longterm use.

Maroi, another village dog. Left eye developed a red swelling 2 days ago, after rabies jab & bath. Owner was worried and wanted it checked. Vet said that the dog would go blind as this was early signs of Glaucoma and the dog was possibly diabetic too. Ticks removed from ears
(A few days after this, the dog mysteriously went missing and was believed poisoned)

TukDik, cute little black and speckled white puppy suffering with diahorea. Vet gave antibiotic jab and wanted to see again next day

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