15 September 2006

A very sad day

BuunLai suffering with blood in poo and green in colour. Vet recommended to change antibiotics for 3 days and then swap back again.

Long, a village dog believed to have chagas. Very weak and now not able to poo by himself, needing to have it squeezed out daily or else it would rot inside. He had a tumour on his testes and wounds on his feet were gangrenous.

After consulting with the owner, it was felt better for Long to be Euthanized.

Keera, a black cocker spaniel with Dry Eye problem, that were full of gunk after a day and also fungal infection in her ears. Schema test on tears proved under 3, should be 15. Must be cleaned every 12 hours and cream applied. This will be a long term treatment, something that will not just clear up & get better.

Lady, recently gave birth to 9 babies and she was not producing milk and appearing lethargic. Vet recommended to give baby food to her to build health.

All babies put on Amoxicillin syrup .1cc and fed every 3 hours

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