26 September 2006

Rama IX Park with Nola

Met NuDee, a short legged dog with a willy that nearly touched the ground.

TvT – large cauliflower on the base of his penis. 1st Jab today and a course of 6 paid for by Winifred. Also had an ear infection and sarcoptic mange. Winifred wanted to treat the mange gently and used a spray instead of Ivomec.

Nola bought some Gai Yang from the park vendor to reward him for getting in the transport cage. Little monkey, wouldn't eat it until he got back after the treatment.

Kh Chom at Wiang Kum Kam, called to me about Arn, a dog that had been run over in the village. Vet said to keep still and give cefolexin 2xday and pain relief. The screams from him when I lifted him into the car were like a horror movie scream. I was very upset for him.

(Arn disappeared the following week (yeah right!) the owner said he just walked off and never came back.)

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