30 September 2006

Linda - Lyn's first rescue

Linda was laying in the middle of the busy inner ring road near Payap Uni, when Lyn stopped to pick her up. Linda was laying motionless and did not cry in pain when moved.

Lyn took her to a local vet who said that she was suffering with road accident internal injuries and needed to rest. The next day I collected her and took her to the shelter. Today I took her to another vet and found the following.

  1. Slight fever - Cefelexin 5cc 2xday 1 month
  2. Sarcoptic mange - Ivomec .2cc 1xweek x 1xmonth
  3. Tumours on teats - wait
  4. Ulcerations of both eyes - Polyoph 2 drops 3xday
  5. Fungal infections in both ears - Otomax gel 2xday
  6. Severe bruising in the hip and stomache - observe
  7. Teeth that seemed to stick out forwards and too many for the space available- poor thing
Dominique - A small lump on her neck, possibly as a result of a bite or injection. No treatment necessary.

Oliang - Black quiet female with an injured front left paw. Amoxicilin & Ibruprofen together with Rest & Relaxation. I feel for her, she has such sad eyes.

Gina - The rescued pregnant mum from Wat Doi Kam. She has vaginitis and a nasal discharge too. Vet said this poor health condition was possibly why so many of her pups died. A new course of antibiotics.

Gina's baby, weak, diahorea & runny nose. Give pink antibiotic 1cc 2xday & feed every 3 hrs. No more than 15cc per time as this could cause fluid on lungs.

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