7 September 2006

Thursday vet run

Mimi, weak and no strength, weeping eye. Worried this was Distemper but vet said not. Higher grade antibiotic recommended and vit B.

Hope, given the name after being saved from being sent to the meat market. Swollen nose, worried this might be another case of Chagas but negative. Vet recommended anti-inflammatory. Also to use Banocin, a yellow powder to clog blood and stop flys laying eggs.

Leena, bloody vulva. TvT, 1st jab. Tested positive for sarcoptic for mange. .5cc per day Ivomectin.

Goldie, another daughter of Chiro, with abscess on cheek. Vet recommended flush out with same as Gigi last week.

Char, village dog, received Bevoni jab for chagas last month, now TvT , 1st jab given

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