31 October 2006

Tuesday Morning

This NuDee guy looks positively healthy today. His coat is coming back and his willy no longer hangs low. His 'Queen Anne' feet are a real attraction as his ability to spot & avoid the vitamins tucked in between the other food stuff Nola trys to feed him! Today is jab number 6

27 October 2006


Today Ya gets her 5th injection against her TvT. The growth is reducing externally but its hard to say that its better. There is still growth on the inside.

The village dog Fuk, who has open wounds and what the vet termed as 'soft tissue tumour' and they said that if it were operated on, the wounds would not heal but merely develop more tumour. The vet said that the dog would not recover from this and if it is eating, then at least it has a will to live. I let the owner know and she was obviously upset. Fuk returned to the dark corner of the stone floored kitchen where he spent all his time.

Kh Yom had been treating Fuk at his home, bathing his wounds and in the early stages, bandaging the areas after cleaning.

(About 2 months later Fuk passed away)

24 October 2006

Another jab for NuDee

5th shot today for NuDee. Still some floral tumur on his willy and far from finished yet.

21 October 2006

Wat Doi Kam

Met up with John, one of the other volunteers and we sat in the carpark drinking coffee, listening to Treepies, Laughing Thrush and Barbets, generally watching the dogs and enjoying the fresh and natural jungle environment.

We had gone along to see the dogs and maybe talk with the monk about feeding the dogs using the dry food that John was delivering from Care for Dogs.

Kam would not come within 2 metres of us. John showed me how he would try to encourage Kam to come near him and we schemed how we might catch her. Nets, traps, bait & maybe asking a local vet to come along with a blow dart and catch her that way. We just want to sterilise her before its too late.

I vowed to come here more often and get closer to the Doi Kam Pack and help John to keep these creatures as healthy as possible.

Noticed that Dam was limping. had a bald patch around one eye and his willy had a lump at the base of it, larger than we had seen before. Took him to the vet and found that the eye was due to a fight injury, the limp was not seen at the vets (attention seeking ?) and the lump was because he was because he was excited to see us!!! How embarrassing for us so called doggy experts!still, it gave him a change of scenary for the afternoon!

19 October 2006

Thursday vet trip

Tdoon is still not walking but despite no movement in his back legs, he is dragging himself about and managing to eat, poo & pee ok. He also likes to bury himself in damp sand! Tdoon went to see another vet today and after more Xrays, they found the problem. Fractured right pelvice and vertabra 11 & 12 out of place. Vet recommended Remydil for 2 weeks and Vit B to improve nerve system. He had nerve sensation in his tail and both legs so it was quite possible he would walk again but the vet warned, as with all rear end injuries, there is a high risk of nerve damage which can affect the control of the bladder & bowel.

Duchess has puss coming from her vulva. She was checked for pyometra but it seems she only has a slight infection in her Urethra. She is still suffering from her dripping incontinence and the vet thought the infection came from her not cleaning herself. - Not surprising really, can you imagine licking yourself 24 hours a day to clean yourself. Antibiotics and cleaning routine to continue.

Ya's TvT is now shrinking away dramatially. The tumurs also look smaller on her belly. She is now socialising a bit at the shelter, rather than spending so much time under that pallet. Today she gets her 4th injection and will need another 2.

Brought a village dog called Char to the vet with me today. This scrawny little dog which looks a bit like a long haired datchshund but unfortunately, the reason for the visit, with very little hair on his body. Vet recommended .4cc Ivomec weekly for 4 weeks along with 2cc Cefolexin & half a tab of prenisilone daily. A good shower once a week with medicated shampoo would also improve things.

Mira today needs her lungs checked for fluid. This is the little pup with diaphragmatic hernia. She is still suffering with Kennel Cough and indeed the xray showed there was quiate a build up of moisture in one side of her lungs. Vet prescribed a mild diaretic and changed her antibiotics to see if we could shift this infection. The vet also said that to operate on the hernia, to repair the whole in the diaphram, would cost about 4,500 baht and there was a 50/50 chance of sucess (living) due to the assisted breathing risk. In the meantime she cannot be sterilised because that too would require opening the body cavity and release the vaccume. This dog needs a safe and caring home.

Leena, great news!! Her TvT has receeded and the treatment can now stop. We can sterilise her asap.

17 October 2006

Where would NuDee be without Winifred?

Tuesday mornings are NuDee mornings!! He's a character and a half. Today, Nola and I spent ages searching for him and wondered at one stage if he was ever going to come out from hiding, or wake up !

He is now looking so much better, thanks to Winifred and her kindness of paying for his treatments and for contacting us to help her with transport in the first place.

13 October 2006


Received a call at about 18:00 this evening to tell me there was a dog injured at the side of the road not far from our home. When we eventually found the dog, it was 18:30 but it transpired that this delay was nothing compared to the previous one. The people who called us said they saw the dog hit by a car at 08:00 that same morning. For various reasons, I guess ranging from they thought he was dead through to they couldn't care because what could they do, it took 10 hours for someone to call us.

I located the poor thing laying in a bush next to a shop/house where people were coming & going all day. I took one look at him and felt we communicated. I gave him some water and without moving he licked the water until the bowl was empty. (10 hours!)

He screamed and yelped which nearly tore my heart out, as we moved him into a box to transport him. This guy was in agony.

We went to the small animal hospital in Chiang Mai, which is associated closely with the University and offers a 24 hour emergency facility. They did some Xrays and they said he was in so much pain but could not identify exactly why. (10 hours!) He got some pain killers and anti inflamatory medicine and I took him back to the shelter to let him rest and sleep in a safe environment.

(Photo was taken a few days later)

12 October 2006

Kennel Cough check at shelter

So many KC instances at shelter, so we called the vet to the shelter to test all 43 residents. Transpired that 20 have KC 23 do not have KC.

Not a day I wish to repeat as all the dogs were tresse from being herded around and isolated whilst we routinely checke them all.

The positive of the day for me was that a vet with a new white coat came and experiencd reality.

11 October 2006

2nd trip today

Leena 5th VD jab, mass almost gone, just a fragment remaining. Final injection today but come back next week for check.

Duktik - Kennel cough - here we go. (KC)

Lulu - KC

Fe - KC and on heat. How can this be? She was sterilised back in July. Vet said that there was nothing that could be done but to observe. (Watch this space, she has babies in December!!)

Doxycyclin 100mg 2xday & bromhexin 8mg 1xday

Ya - A very scared female with a very bad case of TvT. This showed as a large red cauliflower protruding from the vulva. She also had serious tumour problems around her teats too, gaping holes and open wounds. 3rd jab today but must be kept away from others as this is still contagious.

(this pic was taken 2 weeks later, under a pallet, where she spent most of her days, hiding and feeling a little safe)

Chogun - A village miniture dog, with a skin condition - negative mange, appears to be fungal infection. Cefelexin 1cc 2xday, vit 2cc 1xday, Hydroxicin 1 tab 2xday & med shampoo weekly.

1st of 2 trips today !!

Nina - Scrape check for mange, she has rash too. Vet said she was sleeping on moist ground and needed to be kept dry. Proved positive for demodex mange, .4cc 1xday and providene on rash.

Bubi ( put that ball down will you!!) Has early stage kennel cough. 4cc cefelexin syrup 2xday .5cc bromhexin 2xday. Separate from others.

Connie - Ditto Bubi.

Benny - Ditto Bubi.

Tommy - Ditto Bubi.

Jimmy - Rescued from near Wat Vivek (Maejo)

Jimmy stands in a bent posture and finds it hard to move. He has no hair and only grease covering his flesh.

Vet diagnosed Seborrhea, use malactic shampoo , already on Cefelexin 500 1xday, Ivomec .5 1xday, Antihistamine 2 tabs per day

(Pic taken after 2 weeks of treatment)

10 October 2006

NuDee knows the drill

Today it was raining and when Nola & I went to pick up NuDee, he stayed out the way, in the dry, trying to avoid ultimate capture. However, we waved a bowl of food in the air that Nola had prepared and he came out from under the parked cars in the carpark.

Nola is now taking Tuk Tuk's to the park often to see him and he does look as if he is putting on weight. Winifred also said she was feeding him, so no wonder !

Slight improvement with the TvT but his ears are a real mess!

4 October 2006

Just another day

Leena, 4th VD jab, getting picked on in the shelter ( not feeling confident) so staying with Karin at her home. increased weight, mass almost gone.

Gina to vet for a blood test, if ok, then we can sterilise her next week. Less dicharge now, continue antibiotic.

Fluffy, blood test of liver, increased his weight, gums looking less yellow and looks now to be suffering from hip displacia.

Gina baby, still weak, use laxatone.

Susy - Shy girl with limp left leg. Appears fracture not healed properly. Increase medication 2xday...

3 October 2006

Nu-Dee 2nd trip

Winifred & I go to Rama IX park to collect Nu-Dee for his weely ear clean, mange treatment, TvT jab and of course, a large portion of Gai Yang (fried chicken). He likes the latter but hates the other stuff. Especially the ear cleaning and puts up a hell of a struggle.

His TvT is showing small signs of recesssion already, even after 1 jab. Today, it doesn't look quite so red & bloody.

For anyone reading about this for the first time, TvT in a male dog is the formation of a floral growth, a bit like cauliflower, on the shaft and base of the penis. If you pull the dogs forskin back, right down to the base ( don't worry it doesn't hurt them) normally you will see just the pink coloured flesh. But in NuDee's case, his has this deep red floral growth on it and when standing on 4 legs, his willy looks large and hanging low.