19 May 2007

Chiang Mai Dog Poisoning - Sad & Angry

Back in February we came across a dog living in a village near the shelter under threat of being shot. At the time we were very concerned as this is the same village area that experienced many sudden deaths in the previous year and the man who was threatening to do the shooting was then thought to be the culprit and he was heard to say he would offer the dog to a local restaurant the locals know, still deal with dog meat!

Thankfully Daeng Gwaa is still running around, perhaps as she has been fostered by a neighbour and taken away from the original home. But sadly there was an incident yesterday at the house of the threatened Daeng Gwaa & indeed the family of the suspected old man.

Daeng Moo, the cute little dog in the photo, died from poisoning yesterday night at Baan Ma Ka Maew. Since last year approx. 10 owner dogs have been poisoned in a village area about 5 min. from our shelter. Daeng Moo was a lovely little dog, 1 ½ years old, and pregnant, loved by her owners.

Kh. Sanya, the lawyer who supports us, and Karin will go to the police today. Don’t know if it helps, but at least we wanna raise our voice against such senseless, cowardly and cruel acts.

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