4 May 2007

Puppy Update

Last weeks diary entry for 24th April mentioned the 2 beige puppies that we had taken to the vet to check, as they both appeared lethargic and very week. The vet diagnosed coccidia and round worm.

We returned them to the family home (term used loosely) and asked that the medicine be given to help the pups recover.

On Friday 27th we visited them again and they were in much the same condition. We noted that the medication bottles had less liquid in them but were amazed at the height of the water bowl for these 2 to reach in. It was clear they would not have had access to water. Neither of them were standing, merely crawling and their heads were on their sides, too weak even to hold their heads up. They were still shaking a little.

We explained to the family that we thought we could help the pups at the shelter & they agreed very easily.

On Tuesday this week, 1st May, we took the pups to the vet again. They were a lot cleaner than when we first saw them, one of them was standing , a little wobbly and there was a raised head & tail! The other one was not up on her feet yet but her overall condition was slightly better.

By allowing them to lay on a towel or any surface that is not slippery, their feet are able to grip and their legs are showing signs of improved strength.

The great news is that, the faeces under the microscope showed the coccidia have all gone and the round worms are slightly less in volume. We took some deworming liquid from the vet for use every 2 weeks until clear. It seems the tablet form we had used initially was not effective.

Today at the shelter, the stronger one was running around in their enclosure, almost like any other pup of the same age. The weaker one is still a little weak and remaining in one spot, not standing up.

There is hope yet. We have named them Happy & Sleepy

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Kerrio said...

Good Luck Happpy & Sleepy - may the future hold better things for you.