3 May 2007

Thursday Vet Run

Visiting the vet today for the first time for a TvT injection was Phuky, whose family had previously been failing to cooperate with us and consequently not getting her vital treatment.

Karin went to the house by chance yesterday and found Phuky at home. She collected her there & then, taking her to the shelter so that we can guarantee her regular visits to the vet. Her condition is severe and we are pleased to be including her in our weekly routine. As you can see from the pic ( just a few of hundreds), she also has a tick problem at their home, no one removing them & no one breaking the cycle. Care at the shelter will make her life more bearable. She will get regular treatments for the TvT, meals & removal of ticks & fleas.

Also in the TvT program at the moment is little Lucy. This week however, she did not receive an injection because her weight has reduced since last week by half a kilo and the vet will not jeopardise the dogs overall health. (That's comforting....)

And the 3rd TvT case is Moom, the brother / family member of Daeng ( the TvT case from Feb - April) who when we returned Daeng showed signs of bleeding from his willy. Indeed he has a tumour on the tip of his penis and this is most probably after having sex with Daeng.

Another new case brought in from Karin's temple feeding this week is Tdua Noi (Small Body) who is suffering from a large inflamed neck and poor skin generally. Sure enough, the scrape proved positive Dermodectic Mange and the microscope pic shows the tiny parasitic mites, causing all the problem. She will get some Ivomec daily whilst staying at the shelter for the foreseeable future and also Cefelexin antibiotic, until her condition improves. She looks a cute little dog, maybe someone will spot her and give her a home. A good shower & grooming will help!

As well as pups Happy & Sleepy [read more], 2 other pups (the black pair) came with us today named Yai & Lek (Big & Small). These 2 were found abandoned at a temple this week and it would seem they had been removed from their mother too early and were in a bad way. Their gums indicated it & the blood test would later prove, they are anemic and the smaller one of them is worse than the other.

The result of the blood test is typically received about 6 - 8 hours later. The vet recommended the smaller one should undergo a blood transfusion. Karin immediately sought out a donor. [More on that in another post]

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