14 May 2007

Return home after their treatment

Today we returned several dogs that had finished their sterilisation & after care to where they came from. Essentially, their homes.

Kaow & Namthan went back to Wiang Kum Kam, happy to see the many other dogs there but as usual these guys get a frosty reception from their old mates, usually because they don't remember them looking so well!(All that food & TLC)

This dog returns to a street where she is fed and to be with her 2 offspring and to where some dog conscious folks are also keeping 2 female dogs locked within a walled garden for their own sake, not wanting them to have babies, feeding them twice a day. Care for Dogs will need to help these folks out soon & arrange for these girls to be sterilised & relieve them from eternal imprisonment.

Then the doggy from Airport Plaza car park was returned (minus the painted face!) to a homecoming crowd of folks taking their lunch break and plenty of puddles to play in.

Lastly there was the dog we picked up last week who had turned a little nasty on people visiting an English learning centre. Unfortunately, although she was on the truck at the shelter today for returning home, she was gone by the time we made the first official stop, sadly by breaking up the transport cage and jumping out along the road somewhere. This dog was angry and when we were vaccinating her for her release as we do with all dogs, she was quite stressed.

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