19 May 2007

Lucky Labrador Chor Gulab (Rose Bud)

On Friday this week we received a call from people living near Wat Rampoeng saying that a new dog had been dumped in their street and it looked to be a young Labrador puppy.

On finding the pup, volunteer Teresa brought her to the shelter for possible adoption. She didn't have long to wait, as Karin was able to find a dog loving couple who were looking for a companion for their other previously rescued dog Leo.

Happy & Sleepy are now running around and showing interest in everything. They are looking so much better. Less than 4 weeks ago when we first saw them, it was hard to imagine them getting this far.

Next week, Chor Gulab will be sterilised and then she will join her new home.

Now isn't it nice to have happy endings for a change!

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Kyre. said...

Hooray! I just love reading the happy stories!

I confess, I skim when the stories aren't happy.

We signed up on paypal a few weeks ago for the yearly subscription. We had tried to do it one time before but it only let us donate 1 dollar. This time we were able to send you 10 dollars a year. It would be great if you had a link where we could choose the amount! 10 dollars just seems like not enough.


Ky and Ko.