15 May 2007

Karin & Ally Roadshow

This week we were only able to fit in an afternoons activity due to other pressing events and today we were accompanied by another student from Prem Centre, taking part in a community project.

Dianne 14, said she wanted to be involved with animals and thought we might give her an insight into how she could do so.

First off we called into the offices of the local authority to visit Cindy, living here a while now, to give her a surprise meal and also a heart worm vaccination.

Then, just up the hill, to Wat Doi Tam, a temple with many novices and lady monks too. Here we were interested in seeing how we could help them improve the health of the dogs and cats being cared for there and also to enquire about availability of cats & kittens for adoption, as we had received a request just the day before.

We were able to give heart worm prevention jabs to several dogs and found the lady monks to be very interested in animal welfare. Next week we will come & collect a dog with a growth on its elbow and see if anything should / can be done. We will also include these animals in our sterilisation program.
We noted that one of the dogs looked like a Rottweiler and he was very undernourished. His bones stuck out all over the place and was very scared of human contact. We will need to try regular trips here to hope he come round to meet us & maybe investigate his problem(s).

Next stop was at the family home of the 2 tiny pups Happy & Sleepy, to see the remaining 3 to administer worming tablets. The family said that all 3 had already gone to new homes.
With mixed feelings we pushed on to another stop, at Wat Silom. A temple in Hang Dong where we are in the middle of eradicating TvT in many dogs there. Regular readers of this diary, may recall the blow darting of the wrong dog last week. Well today we found the right dog, asleep in an outbuilding along with 2 of her friends, completely unaware of our presence.
The rain was lashing down now but we felt it was an ideal opportunity. We loaded the dart and got as near to her as possible. Missed again!!! this time the dart caught her hip but so briefly, that there was no injection made. She ran off and we failed to find her again.
With a loaded dart, we headed for Kad Farang, the place we were also interested in picking up dogs for sterilisation. As we entered the parking area, we could not believe our eyes, for there in front of us was the reported female, mangy, scrawny & looking hungry & hopeless. We offered her some food and she was ravenous. As awful as it sounds, we darted her and after a little running around, managed to pick her up outside Black Canyon. We dried her off and wrapped her to keep her warm & placed her in the back of the truck. Suffering from a lack of imagination, we called her Canyon.

Time was flying fast now and we managed to make one more stop before taking Dianne back to meet her Mum. We went to the home of Moom, the male TvT case we so want to help, to see if we could collect him to stay at the shelter for a few weeks during treatment.

Back at the shelter to drop off the doggies, we caught up with the progress of minor construction work going on, to put a new roof over the area where the dogs hang out the most & also saw the young pups Happy & Sleepy, now both fully alert & walking, looking strong & healthy.

When we found him, it was more than obvious he would be better off at the shelter. He had several serious bite wounds from fighting with is house mate Mee and they were in need of treatment too.
Dianne said she enjoyed the afternoon and asked for us to complete a report of her visit for her teacher. She was most welcome to come along and we enjoyed her company.

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